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I first heard about “shadow people” years ago when I was writing a travel feature about haunted places in New Hope, PA. I came across the story of a house in which the female resident claimed to have seen dark shadows shaped like humans. Not only that, they were aggressive. They sometimes knocked things over and slammed doors. She felt threatened. This report diverged from the typical ghost sightings I’d heard before, so I was intrigued. But I didn’t often see tales like it.

When I met Rosemary Ellen Guiley, one of the leading experts on the paranormal today, I asked her about these shadow people. She told me she was working on a book that identified them as a category of creature called the Djinn.

We know them as genies, but that’s a limited portrait. In fact, awareness of the Djinn in Western cultures is pretty spare – to our detriment.

Rosemary has published over 50 books on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics and heads Visionary Living, Inc. She’s been working pretty much full-time in the paranormal realm since 1983, as a researcher, investigator, journalist, and speaker. You can ask her about anything from angels to demons. Since her book on the Djinn is now published, I asked her a few questions:

You are known for books about angels, demons, vampires, witches, and the like. What drew you to the Djinn as a subject?

REG: There were two major avenues, both involving Shadow People, dark and menacing humanoids I had been researching since 2004. I already knew a bit about the Djinn from earlier research in demonology. I noticed that many cases of persistent negative hauntings involved Shadow People, so I began probing for their true identity.

I discovered that many Shadow People experiencers are also ET experiencers, especially abductees. Through a long process, I concluded that Shadow People are a shape-shifted form taken by Djinn. Therefore, there is a profound connection between Djinn and bad hauntings and ET abductions. Furthermore, the footprints of the Djinn are evident throughout our mythologies about ancient aliens and gods. The picture that emerged is of a major Djinn involvement in all of our entity contact experiences throughout history.

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