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New Psychology books 2015

New Emotional Core Therapy Video and Book Highlight the Most Effective and Most Inclusive Psychology Approach Available Worldwide to Treat Psychological Stress

With Emotional Core Therapy (ECT) Mr. Moylan, has discovered the root cause of psychological stress. Also, he has produced the only psychological approach in the world that accurately and successfully treats the root cause of relationship stress. Up until now, the vast majority of therapists, counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, ministers, monks, priests, coaches have been relying on psychology techniques/approaches such as Rational Emotive Therapy/REBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy/DBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/ACT, Psychoanalysis, Motivational Interviewing, 12 Steps, even religious teachings such as Buddhism and Christianity to heal people.

ECT uses some of the same teachings/techniques as all of the above approaches (along with Moylan's own research and findings) but has condensed the process to eight steps. His discovery is so simple you only need a tenth or eleventh grade reading level for the adult book. Junior high school students can read his teen books. Non-readers can also learn ECT if they can be taught the process. With ECT, there is renewed hope that addictions and mental health issues can be treated more effectively throughout the world.

This is a landmark day in the field of psychology, according to Mr. Moylan because we now have an effective psychology tool to treat all current psychological disorders where the patient has not suffered permanent physical or psychological damage. According to Moylan, ECT can help anyone, even those without a psychological diagnosis. Why? ECT teaches you how to have inner peace and happiness: a goal of nearly all humans. The root cause of stress is entering and leaving relationships that require needs to be met. We sense this stress through our five senses and cause one of four feelings to arise. Those four feelings are joy, grief, fear, and relief.

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