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A Book that Must be Read!

Unlearning LibertyWhen I say that is the most important book you can read, I am not engaging in hyperbole. And don’t just take my word for it. It has been enthusiastically endorsed by some of our leading thinkers, such as Steven Pinker and Nat Hentoff. The very future of our society depends upon recognizing and reversing the insidious process that is its subject. Our greatest resource is the minds of our children, and what they learn in higher education ultimately shapes society.

Greg Lukianoff is a true hero for our times. A hero is someone who possesses a combination of courage and wisdom, for courage combined with foolishness leads to disaster, and wisdom without courage is a barren mental exercise. Lukianoff has written a compelling book, loaded with wisdom, in the attempt to save our society from its growing, self-destructive assault against our most basic freedom, freedom of speech. As lawyer for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), he has bravely challenged the administrators of our nation’s most prestigious universities. He is a political liberal, but doesn't hesitate to criticize his fellow liberals when they promote "politically correct" but unconstitutional speech codes. He is an atheist, but courageously defends fundamentalist Christian groups from attempts of administrators to force them to violate their own religious principles.

Greg LukianoffAldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four are among the literary masterpieces of the twentieth century. These highly revered books warn against totalitarian police states that control the minds and feelings of their citizens. The “Evil Empire” that was the former Soviet Union was such a place. In the name of protecting its citizens, the government exerted control over all aspects of their lives, engaged in massive brainwashing, and turned “comrades” into spies and snitches against each other. People feared to talk freely even in their own homes for fear that their children would turn them over to the authorities. They were afraid to laugh, for laughter could be suspected as a sign that they were ridiculing the system.

Fortunately for its hundreds of millions of suppressed citizens, our own government worked relentlessly to bring about its downfall. Ironically, in the same period since we helped free the minds of our Soviet brethren to the East, our own country has been progressively shackling the minds of its citizens, especially in schools.

We seem to have forgotten that a couple of centuries ago, after the thirteen colonies freed themselves from the tyrannical rule of Britain, our Founding Fathers assembled to create a Constitution for their newly independent nation. These highly intelligent and educated men who studied philosophy and law in depth deliberated greatly over everything they put in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They succeeded in establishing what is generally recognized to be the freest, most successful country in history.

Constructive Arguing: 12 steps to avoid unnecessary arguments and turn the ones you must have into constructive conversations (Arguing, Constructive Arguing, Disagreements, Winning Arguements)
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Books that blend Psychology, the human mind, and Artificial Intelligence theory? - ai artificialintelligence minsky | Ask MetaFilter

I recommend The Mind's I which is a collection of essays and short fiction relating to the philosophy of the mind, artificial intelligence and cognitive science. It contains pieces by Turing, Richard Dawkins, Hofstadter, Daniel Dennet, John Searle and others, giving a nice collection of different perspectives of the topic.

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