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Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 5.13.40 PMLearn more about how you can bring the principles of Eating Psychology™ and Mind Body Nutrition™ into your life with following best-selling books by author and founder of IPE, Marc David.

The Slow Down Diet

This is the book that takes on all other diet books. Not only is it easy to read and full of engaging narratives, but it also offers a profoundly new way to look at how you eat. This book can change lives. If you’re prepared to have a deeper look into the science and soul of your eating psychology, then this might be just the thing to help transform your metabolism forever. It’s all about the potent power of Vitamin S – Slow. In an easy-to-follow eight-week program, readers can learn to release weight, liberate energy and enhance digestive force by focusing not merely on what to eat, but on how to eat.Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 5.13.56 PM They’ll learn about the hidden metabolic powers of relaxation, quality food, pleasure, awareness, rhythm, a positive inner story, and a deeper relationship with the sacred. A classic and best selling book, The Slow Down Diet is a big breath of fresh air that you’ll want to share with all the ones who matter most.

Nourishing Wisdom

This book has been an underground bestseller and a classic in the field of nutrition, the psychology of eating and personal transformation for over twenty years. Used by health professionals and academic training programs, Nourishing Wisdom has struck a deep chord in over 75, 000 readers across the globe. Written in beautiful prose, this book is filled with powerful insights and humorous stories, and provides a simple yet profound template for understanding the chaotic field of diet and nutrition by offering us the chance to discover who we are as eaters. Endorsed by such luminaries as Larry Dossey, Dean Ornish, Paul Hawken and Ann Louise Gittleman, this is a book for anyone who wants to transform their health, and their relationship with food. A must-read for all eaters.

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