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Crime Psychology, book

Psychology and Crime

CoverPsychology Press, 2002 - 200 Seiten

What does a Criminological Psychologist do? The popular image is that of a latter-day Sherlock Holmes helping the police to solve crimes and mysteries, but the reality is much more complex. Psychology and Crime is a new introduction to the topic of Criminological Psychology that helps dispel these popular myths by providing a comprehensive overview of the topic of Criminological Psychology.
The book includes both classic and contemporary psychological theory and research on a range of criminological issues including the nature, measurement and causes of crime, police work and offender profiling, eye-witness memory, trial procedures, jury decision making and the treatment of crime. Putwain and Sammons have produced an introductory text which covers the material on this topic in the A2 components of the AQA-B, OCR and Edexcel A-Level specifications. Psychology and Crime is also ideal for undergraduate students looking for an introduction to criminological psychology and for students studying psychology and media. It will also be useful for those who work in fields related to criminology such as the police and probation services, social workers and therapists.

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Download Ebook Understanding Psychology and Crime PDF EPUB
Download Ebook Understanding Psychology and Crime PDF EPUB ...
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What is Crime Psychology?

Crime Psychology is the Psychological Analysis of criminals, and their way of thinking. Criminal Psychologists are often employed by the police to ask the kind of questions "What would they do next?", "What would you do in their shoes?", or "Why did they do this?" Criminal Psychology is very similar to Psychiatry, otherwise named Clinical Psychology, or Psychoanalysis.

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