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Professional and personal development

Personal and Professional Development Series

DSC_2825Your graduate program gives you the content expertise for your career – but where will you learn how to become a strong leader, memorable communicator, creative innovator, and well-rounded person who succeeds? In the Personal and Professional Development workshops you will explore what it means to be a leader in your profession, develop your personal brand, build your professional network, manage stress and time, and communicate effectively.

Graduate Students – Come join us for these engaging, interactive workshops that will equip you with the tools you need to be a success!

Fall 2015 On-Demand Workshops

On Demand workshops and seminars are available 24/7 to fit the schedules of busy graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. No registration required!

How to Handle a Phone Interview Part 1
The PFL Team

The Informational Interview
Dr. Rhonda Sutton

Preparing for the Job Interview
Dr. Rhonda Sutton

Ms. Jaine Place, Director, Proposal Development Unit

Fall 2015 In-Person Workshops

Register for all workshops at

International Job Search- Finding Opportunities and Funding
Location: Witherspoon 201
Date & Time: Wednesday, 8/26, 1:00 – 3:00

Description: The mobility of researchers constitutes a crucial element in the realization of the European Research Area (ERA). Several models for mobility schemes are used in Europe (at national and European levels), covering a large scale and scope, from the early-stage researcher to the recognized/established researcher and beyond. They are open to researchers from all over the world regardless of their nationality.

Stress Management
Leaders: Dr. Beth Overman & Dr. Beverly Savinsky
Location: Talley 3222
Date & Time: Monday, 9/14 10:00-12:00

Description: The world of graduate school can be overwhelming and stressful. Come join us as we explore the physiologic reasons for stress, compare different responses to stress, set goals to handle stress in a healthy way, and practice some stress-reducing techniques.

Literature Searching and Citation Management using Refworks
Leaders: Dr. Mohan Ramaswamy
Date & Time: Tuesday, 9/29 10:00-12:00

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