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What is personal development milestones?

Scrapbook “Your” Story #5: Personal Milestones & Accomplishments

consider yourself: personal milestones & accomplishments

A part of personal growth is passing milestones and accomplishing goals. Milestones are markers of growth and development that are to be expected (i.e., losing a tooth, getting to vote, turning 30 . . .) while accomplishments are related to achieving a goal through effort or talent or shear perseverance (i.e., learning to ride a bike, earning a sports trophy, getting a desired job, building a house . . .).

recalling milestones & accomplishments

  • If you have photos albums from throughout your life, look through them.
  • Documents, albums, and memorabilia from your past are another good source: yearbooks will remind you of organized activities you participated in; report cards performance appraisals from work, and old resumes are also great memory joggers.
  • Ask family, friends, and partners who have lived with you, worked beside you, and played beside you at different periods in your life what they remember you achieving, what they have admired about you through the years, what about you has surprised them.
  • Make a time line with every five years of your life marked. First fill in expected milestones, then jot in whatever comes to mind at approximately the right spot on the time line. Precision isn’t required. The chart on page 3 of this class is another good framework for recalling your growth and accomplishments over time.

scrapbooking milestones & accomplishments

Don’t let the lack of photos keep you from scrapbooking what you’ve accomplished. Scrap with no photos or use a photo representative of the accomplishment. This could be something from the era, the place associated with what you’ve done, an item that represents the work, or something else relevant.

You can scrap a collection of your accomplishments or you can focus on one subject.

Be sure to include important details that only you know:

  • how did the pursuit of the accomplishment come about?
  • what were the challenges and barriers to your success?
  • who was beside you?
  • what were the joys of the work and the final result?
  • how was your accomplishment marked or celebrated?

priming the engine: ask yourself this

Here’s a chart of things you record about yourself at different ages to get ideas for milestones and accomplishments to scrapbook. You can open a pdf to print by clicking here: Scrap Your Story Priming Your Engine Chart.

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