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Sample personal development plan for project managers

Project Management Basics

Project ManagementThe more I talk to people, the more I’m shocked to see how many of them, being incredibly good at what they do and sometimes even talented, give up on all their plans and dreams simply because of the seeming complexity of following through.

It’s time to grow up

I remember to have exactly the same attitude back in junior school. If something could not be done within a few hours time, it was considered to be impossible.

Rarely any of my accomplishments were impressive even to myself, because they were the few ones which got through the filtering and testing of being possible. As you can guess, all the possible things were not just possible, but simply trivial. No matter how successful I would be in accomplishing such goals, results wouldn’t be impressive simply because the challenges were not big ones to begin with.

Since then I’ve obviously moved on. I grew up and acquired different beliefs on my way, particularly the ones which directly benefit my success with tasks and projects of any size.

If you still find yourself trying to break free from the position I was in before, it is time for you to grow up and learn the amazing inner power you have.

Essentials of being successful

Long ago, I’ve realized that it’s absolutely crucial to learn tackling things little by little. To start with analysis and planning, and not with reviewing possible obstacles.

I’ve learned to look at every task as if it’s as easy to accomplish as any of the ones I’ve had before. And with the practice I’ve had over the past 10 years or so, it sure proved to be possible to reach my goals most of the times.

I finally understood that what really matters is your attitude, your confidence and your motivation in a context of a certain task.

The task itself, along with any possible obstacles on your way of accomplishing it, represents only a small portion of the whole project. Once you agree with yourself, that a particular task means only so much in your estimations, and that you can easily overweight it with your experience and confidence, any task will seem and feel easier to accomplish.

How to master any project

There is a number of rules everyone can benefit from. Most of them are really simple, and the reason for this is this: you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to become successful in your life! Just follow a few simple steps, stay motivated, be persistent – and you will learn to tackle any task and master any project!

Below are some of the most favourite principles of mine, I use them every day and they’ve helped me tremendously over the years.

Key principles to manage any task:

1. Analyze the task and make a plan

It is important to do this in the same order I give you: analyze, then plan – not the other way around! :)

When I was just getting started with my career, I’ve had numerous scenarios which worked out okay in the end, but would be an absolute success if they had been first analyzed and only then thoroughly planned.

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