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Broaden your capacity to lead and influence.

uses individual assessments and one-on-one leadership coaching to help students apply knowledge and skills they’ve gained to create a customized plan to achieve their personal goals.

Students start with a customized 360 assessment tool the summer before they arrive at Stern, allowing them to begin their leadership development on Day 1 of their Stern experience.

One-on-one leadership coaching sessions throughout the two years at Stern allow students to develop individualized strategies to enhance strengths and address weaknesses.

Students create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with the support of their Leadership Coach. The IDP serves as a road map for students’ personal development during their Stern experience and beyond.

Student Perspectives
Michelle Gellar “The individual coaching sessions provided a forum for exploring areas of development and opportunities for my growth. My coach was a sounding board, offering guidance on how to make the most of the LDI experience. She helped me to craft an individual development plan tailored to my unique personal development goals. This unique opportunity enriched my experience at Stern. My coach was an invaluable resource, and I look forward to continuing our relationship post-graduation.”


How will your service lines enable you to win larger, higher-value contracts and what are your plans to develop them? What specialised skills are customers looking for?

Given the information in this article :
Breakfast: long cooking oatmeal with skim milk and a banana and raisins.
Lunch :Minestrone soup, soda bread and berries with fat free cool whip and walnuts.
Dinner :Stir fry with very little natural oil [loads of veggies and some seasoned skinless chicken],brown rice a fruit of your choice.
Snack:Popcorn or apple with pb,veggies with hummus or any fruit.
Good luck.

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