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10 Steps to Developing A Niche Following on Google Plus

1. Define Your Niche Target Market – One of the best ways to use Google Plus is to develop targeted communities about topics in your industry and then become an industry leader on those topics. What do you want to be known for? Which topics relate to your business in a grand sense and then keyword specific?

For example – a mommy blogger who posts fitness, food and parenting tips on her blog could come up with some specific keywords like – cupcakes, foodies, running, fitness, yoga, bullying, parenting, wine, education. These niche keyword topics will become your circles.

2. Search and Circle – Go to the search bar at the top of Google Plus and type in one of the keywords you selected above. Start scrolling through the results. People will already be posting about those topics. Scan the posts and selectively add those people you find interesting and relevant, to an appropriately named circle. Many will be brand pages (shown with a Square symbol beside the name). You can add brand pages, but you should focus your efforts on people. People are what makes this community. You should also add any communities that you come across and have a look at people posting in them. This recently launched community feature is another great way to target and add people to your circles.

3. Do This For All Circles – Repeat this idea for several keywords in your niche, creating several targeted interest based circles. Circle 500 people. More is better. Take some time with this. Remember this will be an ongoing work in progress. Don’t do it all in one sitting. Your Twitter following, Facebook fan page and Linkedin connections were not built in one day and your Google Plus will not be either.

4. The 80 – 20 Rule – Now that you have some circles… How do you develop those communities? Many people miss this key step. You need to be interacting (80% of the time) much more than broadcasting (posting content 20% of the time). Especially when just starting out. To get the best interaction on your own posts you’ll need to appear on other people’s Google Plus radar. One of the fastest ways to do that, is to interact with them on their own posts first. Remember no one wants to be sold to 24 hours a day.

5. Interaction is Key – Make meaningful, value added comments on any posts you find interesting. Reshare posts that are in your niche topics. Make sure you add a few lines of your own opinions to the post when you reshare it. Bring people whom you have interacted with into the conversation by using a simple “+Amanda Blain have you tried this wine?” Also remember to +1 people who comment on your posts, as a ‘thank you’. All these simple, easy steps work great for developing your community.

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