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Personal development Grade 7

Middle School Grades 7, 8 and 9

middle school visits sundstrandThe Montessori Middle School is a unique model, unlike any other settings currently available for this age group.

The curriculum and schedule, based on standards established by the American Montessori Society, is designed to meet the educational, social, emotional and personal needs of this age group. Characteristics which distinguish Montessori Middle School include:

  • Recognizes the work of this age group as formation of adulthood
  • 3-year curriculum covering grades 7, 8 and 9
  • Six-week learning cycles. The final week of each cycle is spent at various off-site* hands-on learning experiences.
  • Personal development curriculum for teens to explore themselves and their place in the world.
  • Independent study model focus on personal responsibility.

*Types of off-site experience are land-lab outdoor learning at Nature's Classroom in Wisconsin, state and federal government experience in Springfield and Washington, DC, and career/community internships.

Montessori Middle School uses a variety of assessment and reporting tools including mastery standards of 90% or better for all academic material, student-designed rubrics for group and individual presentations and research, work completion logs, weekly and cycle completion self evaluations and daily homework check-off. Student, parents and teacher meet regularly throughout the school year to exchange information.

The Middle School curriculum is a three-year integrated program. An overview of the academic subject areas include:


Small group and individual instruction. Basic 7th Grade Mathematics, Pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry

Language Arts

Chemistry and chemical interaction; Motion, forces and energy; Electricity and magnetism; Sound and light; Environmental energy

Social Studies

Social World: * History, Geography, Political Science, Economics

* The Natural and Social World curriculums are theme-based as follows:; Literature selections relate to each cycle theme. Year "A" Themes Connections, Exploration, Identity, Systems, Interdependence. Year "B" Themes – Structure, Forces, Power, Chance, Balance

Personal World

A curriculum especially designed for teens to explore the physical and emotional changes they are undergoing, in relation to social expectations.

Foreign Language

Spanish- speaking, writing and reading skills, individually paced to student’s level

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