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Personal development benefits others

integrated personal development

integrated personal development - a modern alternative to traditional training for individuals and organizational development

Modern personal development is more than skills training. It offers useful alternative methods compared to coaching and mentoring too. Effective modern personal development now involves various integrated techniques, theories and behavioural concepts, that extend options around traditional ideas. This article provides examples of modern methods of developing people - enabling real personal growth and change - for individuals and organizations.

Optimising individual performance through progressive personal development significantly improves business performance too.

This example of an integrated approach to personal development is based on the work of UK-based psychotherapist Pam Weight, whose contribution of this free article is gratefully acknowledged.

Pam Weight's modern approach to personal and professional development is born out of the study of these contemporary models, which are explained in more detail later in this article:

  • Human development
  • Humanistic theories
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and
  • Energy Psychology.

The personal development process enables individuals to achieve critical personal changes, specifically to:

  • update personal identity, attitude, values and beliefs
  • increase congruency and satisfaction, and
  • release blocks which have been restricting the realisation of personal potential.

(In this context, 'congruency' means behaving and feeling naturally and comfortably - ie, true to oneself.)

modern personal development applications

The integrated personal development approach is highly beneficial for most people.

It is however particularly effective for people who have experienced little or no benefit from conventional training, especially where progress is blocked by issues raised in the training process.

Integrated personal development is also particularly helpful where one-to-one coaching or mentoring has had limited benefit, or has prompted surprising reactions.

Equally, those who want to develop themselves in some way, but cannot identify a particular direction, will also benefit from this sort of modern integrated personal development.

personal development essentials

Modern personal development differs from conventional training methods, most importantly:

  • by settling the past
  • by reducing the effort required to live in the present
  • by formulating a compelling future

These fundamentals are rarely found in traditional skills training or coaching. The principles underpin the process of effective personal development.

modern personal development - an alternative to traditional training methods

Modern personal development tends to achieve results because:

  • it creates balance in the system (the person as a whole)
  • it is realistic (and is perceived by the person as being achievable and relevant)
  • it reduces stress, and
  • it increases personal control

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