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Top Personal Development Apps for iPhone

Career PatternsThe utility of iPhones in productivity, information, entertainment, etc. are known to all. However, smartphones are complimented by applications that help in development beyond material growth. Apple users who have popular personal development apps for iPhone know what difference they have brought to their lives with the help of those applications.

Career Patterns

In this growth-oriented world, iPhone personal development apps such as Career Patterns assist users to discover the course that best suits their personality. It is a survey-based application that lets users filter work profiles to choose which role pleases them the most. The surveys are based on science of human psychology and take only a few minutes.

Gratitude StreamGratitude Stream

People sometimes feel so grateful for something or someone that they want to share it with others. Gratitude Stream is a simple and purpose-developed iPhone personal development application that lets users share their gratitude with others and know what or who they are grateful for or to respectively.


As it is apparent from its name that iStress is developed to deal with stress. It contains inspirational poems, encouraging quotes, stress jokes and feelings rating for stress management. Reframe Thoughts is a function aimed at identification and transformation of negative thoughts through relaxation exercises.

Live Happy

Happiness instils positive approach in human-mind towards crests and troughs of life. Live Happy helps in the achievement of this through its personal development features such as content & videos, personality analysis, happiness Q&A, happiness & mood tracking/monitoring, nurturing relationship, envisioning self, savouring album, gratitude journal, setting/evaluating/tracking goals, personalised happiness programme, etc.


There are 75 scenarios or dilemmas in myinstantCOACH app which offers crucial advice to users in uncertain and confusing situations. Users have to select the category such as career, finance, relationship, wellness, etc. and then choose the scenario they are in or that is closest to their real circumstance. The application provides actions that can be taken to successfully overcome the situation. Users can even set reminders according to their action plan and track the progress as well.


It involves algorithm created by psychologists and researchers identification and description of unique personality traits. The algorithm involves 45 personality traits and separate scoring scale for each. Thus, the depiction of personality is much more exclusive to the user than portrayal offered by most other personal development iPhone applications.

The Habit Factor

Development of personality to its potential can only be achieved by changing unwanted habits with productive ones. The Habit Factor is the personal development iPhone app that assists users set goals, their deadlines and habits required to achieve them. When a habit is changed or acquired, it can be struck of the list. The application also tracks the percentage of habits the user maintains. Habit Factor Lite version is free and offers tracking of only one goal.

iStress Live Happy myinstantCOACH personality

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