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Institute for personal development

Kriya Yoga Ashram is Institute For Personal Development, Inc

a picture of a poster saying no yoga, no apotheosis; know yoga, know apotheosis.Kriya Yoga Ashram also called, the Institute For Personal Development, Inc. RYS 500 is a, offering Yoga classes and learning products such as Astrology and the Cretin Labyrinth for lifestyle education and self-discovery. Under the care and supervision of Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda), discover, learn and practice one of the oldest and purest forms of Yoga – Kriya Yoga.

What we are

A Kriya Yoga Ashram with Operations and a Residence.
A place of learning and training the Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga.
A community of humans in the Adult State.

What we do

Present Kriya Yoga in a Revolutionary Ancient Method
“Union of the Individual with the Divine.”

Teach a Performance Based Kriya Yoga System.

a picture of a mountain with many path only one summit.Initiate Apotheosis.

Teach the Physics of Spirituality.

What we have


Kriya Yoga Classes in Theory and Practice.

Live Online Classes Theory and Practice
Kriya Yoga Teacher Training Courses
Personal Training in any or all Eight Stages
Kriya Yoga Nutrition – A Lifestyle Plan to Transform
Residential Programs


DVD’s & CD’s
Astrological Tools (charts, searches, calendars)

What you get

1. Eternal Happiness:

Worldly happiness and intellectual happiness are no match for Eternal happiness.
Confident and enthusiastic about life.
Strong, flexible, balanced and enduring.
Mentally strong, emotionally stable and self-sufficient.

2. Solution to common problems:

Liberation from addictive substances like caffeine, nicotine, refined sugars, and alcohol; any unnecessary dependency.
Develop “Will Power” to manage bingeing or overeating, stress, boredom, guilt, anger, shame and/or fear.

Kriya Yoga at IPD is a complete holistic health management system, designed to initiate a process in human development that unfolds in three phases. The term is called apotheosis, the process of the human becoming Divine, and this process has an evidence procedure where the individual goes from larvae state (unconscious awareness), to the chrysalis state (self-conscious awareness), to the adult state (super-conscious awareness); Total Consciousness is the goal of Kriya Yoga.

Here at IPD we focus on the physics of Spirituality; Kriya Yoga is a practice designed to do something and having a clear understanding of your goal will facilitate results. We are a performance based Kriya Yoga Center that is employing revolutionary new ideas into the ancient spiritual science of Kriya Yoga. We have updated the ancient texts to meet modern day challenges.

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There can be no better trainer than DP Singh sir for spoken English and personality development and GD/interview etc. He is simply the best and you can ask many students of BHU and MBA students. He has 10 years experience at top class companies in India and he will tell you what to expect not just bookish knowledge. if you want to really benefit, i suggest you should ask for an appointment to meet him and send him email at dpssingh77 at gmail dot com. if he accepts you as a student, you will be winner in life

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