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Comprehensive Personal Development

Source: Made in CarcereBy Antonino Vaccaro

When our department head asked us to collaborate on this blog, I wondered what perspective and direction I would take.

The easiest path would certainly have been moral sensationalism: identifying some exceptional case of shady business practices and starting a more or less circumstantial discussion about the ethical and moral responsibilities of the people and institutions involved.

I presume the reader is aware that the national and international press and, obviously, the Internet are already full of works of this type. To tell the truth, I am not sure this modus operandi is the most effective way to improve society.

There’s no use complaining more than we already do. And I don’t believe that pointing fingers at those who have committed an offense or a moral misdeed is the best way to build a better world.

Best Practices instead of negative cases

In these next few months, I will try to discuss positive phenomena, i.e., so-called best practices in business ethics: stories of individuals and organizations that have successfully contributed to the common good. By doing so, I hope to move away from the reactionary stance of business ethics based on moral condemnation and propose a proactive vision centered on the discussion of models that can actually change things for the better.

I will have to give up on the sensationalist fragrance of bad news, but I will certainly make up for it in realism. By providing details about what is intrinsically good, we are forced to reflect on our own everyday lives and, above all, our own responsibilities.

Innovation-good-senseI will focus on comprehensive human development and more specifically on the ability of professional organizations, including public and private enterprises, NGOs and socially focused businesses, to contribute to the comprehensive human development of workers.

At this point, I am sure attentive readers will already have a few questions:

  • The first regards the meaning of the concept of “comprehensive human development” What does comprehensiveness have to do with human growth? A quick but incomplete response states that comprehensive development has to do with the individual nature of the person. True individual development can only occur when all aspects are taken into consideration, i.e., the physical, psychological and, of course, spiritual dimensions.

For example, comprehensive development does not mean that bodybuilders should just work on their muscles or that graduate students should only improve their mathematical skills. Comprehensive development requires growth and improvement in the many different areas that make up the human being (once again, the physical, psychological and spiritual areas). Comprehensive human development therefore calls for a balance between all these different components of a human being.

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