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Picture Books for Developing Social/Emotional Growth

Hands Are Not for Hitting (Board Book)There is a picture book available for every situation imaginable — death, divorce, bullying, gay parents, etc. Whatever situation you are facing, you can find a picture book to break the ice and help with opening up communication about that topic. As a caregiver, you will gain valuable insight into what the children are thinking and feeling and can often avoid or get to the root of behavior problems in the process.

by Martine Agassi, illustrated by Marieka Heinlen

HIDDEN_TAG_1 This book is written in a very positive tone, letting children know all of the wonderful things we CAN do with our hands. It is the perfect tool for teaching young children that it is not acceptable to hit others or to be hit by others. I’ve chosen this book because the simple text opens the door to discussion of a complex topic: anger management. The brief guide for parents and caregivers at the end of the book is an excellent resource for understanding the source of young children’s anger and frustration and provides sound strategies for guiding children, while reminding caregivers that hitting children is not an appropriate strategy to stop children from hitting.

by Audrey Penn

Most young children will experience separation anxiety at some point and this is the perfect book for providing both adults and young children with a coping strategy. While this book deals specifically with the main character being afraid to leave his mother in order to start school, it can also be used for the more traumatic situation of an impending death of a loved one. I would highly recommend this book for parents and grandparents with a terminal illness. While it is not comfortable to think about leaving a child permanently, if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, this book provides a gentle message of lasting love that can lessen the burden of your final goodbye.

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