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Meta NLP Practitioner

Licensed Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Education and Learning

Kate BensonWorking in Education today is a constant challenge. More and more children and young people display behavioural and learning difficulties. There is increasing pressure to improve results, raise achievement and move from success to excellence. NLP provides techniques, strategies and solutions to the problems of teaching and learning, motivating and engaging students.

The first 4 day module of the NLP Practitioner is a “self contained” module covering the requirements of the *NEW* NLP Cert Ed event. The second 4 day module covers additional requirements for those participants who wish to progress from the NLP Cert Ed to the NLP Practitioner qualification.

You will benefit from either of these courses as a Teacher, Trainer, Manager in Education or Coach and are enthusiastic about applying the latest developments in NLP to teaching and learning. People in all walks of life with a desire to help children and young people learn better are also welcome.

This training enables you to learn in very specific ways how learning takes place. You learn how to use language in powerful and elegant ways to ensure students really understand you. You will find teaching easier and more enjoyable when you have the skills, behaviours and attitudes of NLP to help you.

The main aim of module 1, the NLP Cert Ed is to enable participants to become outstanding in activities related to the educational field. The content of this event can be found on the NLP Cert Ed Web page (Click Here to go there now)

To become an NLP Practitioner you need to attend the extension module in addition to the NLP Cert Ed and also undertake a project. These activities will teach you the full range of NLP skills that are used by NLP professionals such as counsellors, life coaches etc. to add to the teaching and learning skills of Module 1.

Focusing on the NLP Practitioner

What is covered on this programme?

Many Practitioner programmes are generic or therapeutic in context. This unique programme is the only Licensed NLP Practitioner for Education qualification licensed* and certified by the Society of NLP ™. (*The licence requires renewing every two years by the Society. This renewal process is free.)

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