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Upgrade Your Mind, Enjoy Self-Confidence, Cure Phobias, Seduce Potential Mates and Overcome Harmful Addictions with The Proven Techniques of NLP Secrets

Pete Casale, Author of NLP Secrets

NLP - or Neuro-Linguistic Programming - is a modern psychological tool that has the power to change your thinking and change your life.

  • Enjoy GREATER SELF-CONFIDENCE from within
  • Remove LIMITING BELIEFS and self-doubt
  • Overcome LIFELONG PHOBIAS without traumatic exposure
  • Identify and SEDUCE your ideal partner
  • Easily QUIT SMOKING and other harmful addictions

The Truth About NLP Techniques

There's something that most practitioners of NLP don't want you to know.

Not all NLP is based on true science.

Download NLP Secrets EbookOuch. That's quite a blow coming from someone who supports NLP. But let me explain...

NLP was developed relatively recently - in the 1970s - by two men called Bandler and Grinder. Their original techniques were scientifically-based and proven to work well. But then the hype got in the way...

The practice of NLP became distorted, with many practitioners adding new limbs and trying to take NLP to dizzying new heights. The problem was, not all of these new techniques worked.

And so today, NLP has become a mix of genuine psychological techniques and some less-than-helpful offshoots. Few practitioners will tell you that. Indeed, few truly understand the difference.

That's why I wrote NLP Secrets. It's my official guide to the NLP techniques that REALLY WORK.

You may wonder why there are fewer techniques in this book than some other books. And I welcome this challenge, because the reason is simple:

If a technique has no scientific basis, or no noticeable effect better than that of a placebo or psychosomatics, then I am not interested.

And that's my NLP Secret.

Who Am I?

My name is Pete Casale. I wrote this guide to NLP for people just like me - who are interested in upgrading their minds and making some positive changes to their behaviors. But, also like me, you've probably found that most resources making such promises don't live up to the marketing hype.

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