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Jackie O’Donnell Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT & NLP

Jackie O’Donnell Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT & NLP

About me

I am a full time Clinical Hypnotherapist qualified in 1996 and provide caring, professional and personalised therapy. Please phone me for a complementary telephone consultation on 241 0413 to discuss your needs. Effective hypnotherapy requires feeling at ease and confident with your therapist and this free phone consultation will enable this to be established and also provide the opportunity to answer all your questions.

Since qualifying with the LCCH, the leading medical and dental hypnotherapy training authority, I have had the pleasure and immense satisfaction of helping 1000’s of clients to enhance their lives and make positive changes. My areas of speciality are weight loss and anxiety including panic attacks and phobias. I also enjoy helping my clients to stop smoking (generally in just one appointment), moderate or stop drinking, overcome stress, develop confidence, overcome sleep difficulties, phobias & addictions, control IBS, migraines & more.

I am one of the longest established and most experienced clinical hypnotherapists in Trafford and Greater Manchester and a member of the British Society for Clinical Hypnotherapy and registered with the CNHC and regularly attend on-going training to enhance my skills and offer the best therapy to my clients. My most recent course was for Havening which is very effective technique to help my clients who struggle with anxiety and PTSD.

Having owned my own weight management centre and gym, I am able to combine my nutritional and fitness background with hypnotherapy to create individual weight loss programmes for clients, both male and female, to help them not just lose weight but, more importantly, maintain their weight loss. I am also trained in the Virtual Gastric Band and have developed specific hypnotherapy for addictions & cravings for chocolate, sweet foods, alcohol, crisps & more as well as therapy for staying on track with Lipotrim, Literlife and other very low calorie diet programmes.

Combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP techniques I provide mainly, but not exclusively, solution focussed therapy to help my clients "draw a line on the past, stop worrying about the future and live in the present". All my clients receive recordings of their personalised therapy for use at home to enhance their therapy and reduce the number of appointments required as well as provide maintenance programmes where necessary.

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Which would be better for dealing with anxiety, fear and overwhelming emotions? NLP or CBT?

NLP is not any kind of a therapy, and borders on being a psuedo-science like Scientology. EFT is almost as wacko.

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