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Best NLP Training online

What you get on our online NLP Practitioner Training Course:

Unlimited access to the NLP Practitioner Training Course online material.
  • Do you want to learn NLP and become an NLP Practitioner?
  • Pressed for time?
  • Not able to attend a live NLP training due to your location?
  • Working with a tight budget?
  • Want professional certification as an NLP Practitioner?
  • Want to avoid paying travel costs, hotel fees involved with attending an NLP training course?

This course is the answer for you!!

This course is perfect for:

  • Experienced coaches or people looking to build a career in coaching (the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner qualifications are often sought after by prospective coaching clients).
  • Therapists who wish to compliment their skills with NLP Techniques and Processes.
  • Existing NLP Practitioners who wish to revise and refine their NLP skills.
  • Anyone who wishes to grow, become more successful and improve their communication skills.
  • Business leaders, Salespeople, Managers, Educationalists.
  • NLP Practitioner Course Manual - 120+ pages. The Table of Contents is below.
  • Videos - Instructional Videos in MP4 format. 100+ Videos. Demo videos, demo exercises.
  • Audio - MP3 Audio files. Audio instruction and guidance.
  • Additional NLP exercises to compliment the video and audio instruction. These exercises ensure that the training is as experiential as possible.
  • NLP Practitioner Certification.
  • NLP Coach Certification.
  • Professional certification - this course is accredited by the NLP Association of Excellence.
  • It is our intention to provide you with an exceptional learning experience.NLP Practitioner online course To that end we offer to support your learning to enable you to be successful in your NLP training.

A Practical qualification in enabling and achieving positive change in yourself and others.

Here is what you will learn:

Basic principles of NLP

  • A history of NLP.
  • How we perceive the world and why that affects our results - NLP communication model, mind/body relationship.

Planning for success, working with outcomes

  • The principles behind how to achieve success.
  • An expansion on the SMART goal setting theme.

Observing behaviour & building rapport

Behaviour assessment for influence and flexibility

Introduction to change work in self and others

  • Understanding why we like some things and not others, why somethings we are compelled to do and not others.
  • How to change something that we dislike into something that we like and vice-versa.
  • What is confusion and how to overcome it, how to eliminate it.
  • What you believe shapes your world. Identifying and changing limiting beliefs.
  • Why we behave well and poorly in certain situations and how to change the way we behave to get what you want - Submodalities and Swish Pattern techniques.

Behaviour Strategies

  • How to change your strategies to achieve better results.
  • Discovering others strategies and facilitating change.
  • Designing appropriate new strategies.

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