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Seminars: The Trainer's Training

Seminars: The Trainer's Training - Using NLP to Become an Amazing Presenter

Master presenters are created, not born. The Empowerment Partnership is the world's premier NLP training organization. We create the best trainers and certify more each year than any other company. Choose your teachers wisely because it is their teaching that you take with you. Since excellent teachers create the best presenters, who better to learn from than Matthew B. James. You will learn exactly what makes a powerful, effective presenter and how to internalize these strategies for your own success, using the techniques of NLP. You will transform your group communication, rapport, and motivation abilities. Learn the tools, develop the skills, and gain the confidence to become an excellent and effective presenter. This training is unsurpassed in its value and benefit to anyone who makes presentations or works with groups. It is challenging and rewarding for all levels of expertise and will be one of the most advantageous training experiences of your life!

(If you choose to become a Certified Trainer of NLP, you must complete Trainer's Training and Evaluation and also assist at a Master Practitioner training to fulfill this requirement)

Matthew B. James, MA, PhD

Matthew B. James is one of the most highly-sought after trainers and educators in the world today. He is the president of The Empowerment Partnership, the leader in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis education.

Matt is a living example of the power of The Empower Your Life teachings. Matt began his studies at an early age, by learning teachings such as meditation and siddha yoga. As a young boy he studied with great teachers such as Baba Muktananda and Uncle George Na`ope (one of the most highly respected authorities on Hawaiian hula and chants, and was honored with the "Living Golden Treasure" designation). In the 80s, he studied with Tony Robbins and was invited by Richard Bandler, the legendary co-founder of NLP, and Wyatt Woodsmall, also a pioneer in the NLP field, to continue his education. Matt was chosen as one of Bandler's select-few students, eventually becoming certified as an NLP Master Trainer (a level that takes most people years to achieve, if at all).

Having been there in the early years when NLP was just getting off the ground, Matt was well prepared for his future. Now, decades later, he has more than proven himself in his own right as a teacher and educator. He is renowned for his insight and his intuitive gifts for awakening the hearts and minds of his students. His unique upbringing has enabled him to take the best of the best in NLP, Huna, Hypnosis, and Time Empowerment Techniques and develop a proven system of effective, instantaneous, long lasting change.

Through his role as President of Kona University and President and Master Trainer of its training and seminar division, The Empowerment Partnership (formerly Advanced Neuro Dynamics), Matt is personally responsible for bringing thousands of students closer to fulfilling their dreams. Each year he teaches the life-altering techniques of Hypnosis, NLP, Time Empowerment, and the ancient Shamanistic Hawaiian spiritual system of Huna throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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Sprudio Increase Your Attention Span Subliminal Ocean Wave Cd
Office Product (Sprudio)
  • CD with Nature Sounds include one track Ocean Waves and Subliminal between 50-60 minutes and one track silent subliminal 10-12 minutes.
  • No audible speech, this is not a Hypnosis CD - it is a Subliminal CD, so the spoken words are hidden by frequency (under the ocean sound).
  • Final, silent track can be used anywhere. There are no audible sounds to be heard by your conscious mind
  • Digitally mastered using brain wave generator, new technology for filtering frequencies of each channel
  • Affirmations printed on the CD cover

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