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NLP Practitioners play the architect role as in the movie Inception

InceptionNLP Practitioners everywhere LOVE the movie Inception. Have you seen it yet? I've seen it twice already. Now, this is an exciting movie packed with twist and turns, interwoven layers and levels, slippery slopes, conflict and peril at every level! It's an NLP Practitioner's delight! The movie outlines several structures and levels within our individual and collective unconscious minds. However, possibly the most interesting aspect of the movie is the idea of inception itself. It was the goal and driver for the entire adventure. Let's explore the power of an idea...

Inception is the seed, or the genesis of an idea that over time can either disappear into the subconscious layers of the mind, or that inception can blossom into a world-changing phenomenon. As you know, every terrible and every great thing born of mankind started with an idea in somebody’s mind. Many ideas came to naught, some grow and then die. Some ideas simply come to early, and others too late. Prevailing ideas still permeate our shared everyday experience. Some ideas are born in unique individuals, and others arise independently in many minds at once.

Sometimes we realize that our ideas come from other people, but when an idea seems to appear all by itself within our own consciousness, it takes on potent magical qualities, like a flash of inspiration, and insight, a strong feeling or impulse, or even a sense of closure.

We know that in the dark corners of our minds stir vast oceans of potential ideas awaiting their chance to spring to awareness and to be acted upon. Some of those ideas are vivid, bright and clear, and many others influence us from the shadows, guiding us though we know not whence or how.

The NLP Practitioner as The Architect

As Practitioners of NLP, we explore and chart of the maps of our minds. We endeavor to understand the workings of levels of consciousness, lines of intelligences, states of being, nature of perception and motivation, and how they are all woven together to form meaning. We work as "architects" of the inner realms, if you will. We design things that work out of the materials of the mind. We are dedicated to finding wonder, purpose, meaning and results on our inside experience, so that the best ideas can find expression on the outside.

A good NLP Practitioner understands the structures within subjective experience, and precisely how to work within those structures to create doorways where there was previously a wall, or change the lighting or the dimensions of the experience in order to illuminate new pathways towards the important things.

While NLPers take the work of architecting very seriously, we are not removed from the experience. We also participate actively in the adventure, as a kind of tour guide, and it is a wild ride! We do it because we love it, and really enjoy seeing those results in the real world as diminished suffering, increased satisfaction, better relationships, more ecological outcomes, doing more with less, and finding ultimate meaning in this experience called life.

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