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Best NLP Certification in San Diego CA

NLP and NLP Based Coaching

Los Angeles Venice Beach NLP TrainingSan Diego has always been one of our favorite NLP training locations, so after a two year hiatus we decided to return in 2014! Global NLP Training is one of the leading national and international schools where it comes to small class-size immersion into coaching and NLP. We will be offering our international certification for NLP Practitioner and Motivational Coach. All our certifications use as a methodology NLP, and are held up to the highest of standards.

Over the years we have been the preferred school for many coaching companies at various sizes, known motivational speakers, US government (Pentagon, tactical forces, medical and therapeutic staff), the International Court of Justice, teachers, celibrity entertainers, business professionals and many more.

We are also proud to say that we have one of the most extensive available in the industry, and actively engage with our former students through post-course webinars, social media, iPhone/Android application, newsletter and our meetups 7 times a year with former students and Global NLP Training staff.

Global NLP Training licenses under the Society of NLP, and INEMLA. European Union government bodies have awarded Global NLP Training with the status of an official vocational educational institution. Our combined credentialing is among the highest there is to achieve, and we are the only NLP training company operating in the United States at this level.

7 Day NLP Master Practitioner course In this course you will be trained in the core skills of NLP and NLP based Motivational Coaching.
  • 7 day program
  • Certificates: NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach
  • No prerequisites.

In this training we will teach you the fundemental skills of NLP and NLP based coaching.A collection of powerful techniques, tools, and communication skills that will allow you to follow apply the same strategies extremely succesful change workers, coaching, motivational speakers, educators, and business professionals use.

All of our classes are taught immersion style, using NLP to teach NLP, our program incorporates the latest in educational psychology, emotional intelilgence & learning based on personality type preferences. This allows you to learn this life changing tool set in 7 days,

Our San Diego venue is located in Solana Beach, a location highly suitable to make your learning enjoyable and comfortable. We offer a unique blend of presentation, demonstration and hands on practical application.

You will learn how to:

  • Advanced motivational communication skills
  • Working with fears and phobias
  • Changing negative emotional states
  • Increasing positive emotional states
  • Working with emotional events & habits
  • Goal setting
  • Strategies of success & motivation
  • Effectively elicit information from others
  • Motivate and empower yourself and others to achieve outstanding results
  • Etc.


  • Licensing as a NLP Practitioner
  • Motivational Coach Certification
  • Comprehensive course manual and materials
  • The best post training support and follow up in the industry

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