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Irresistible Voice 2 - NLP Audio Program for a More Charismatic Hypnotic Voice


What if You Could Locate Someone's Internal Voice of Truth, Nonverbally, & then Speak to them from that Magical, Golden location, to Get More Compliance?

Finally, 8 years after I released the first Irresistible Voice audio program in 1998, I released an encompassing audio program follow-up to the first set, with ALL new material designed to make your voice more compelling, using NLP!

If you're reading this page, then you may already want to learn how to:

  • Match your voice to someone's internal Voice of Truth, almost magically... (so that they find themselves agreeing with virtually everything you utter!)
  • Move people from unresourceful emotional states into highly resourceful ones, just with your voice (great for salespeople who work primarily by telephone!)
  • Easily captivate people's attention in 10 seconds or less (and make them happy they took the time to listen to everything you have to say!)
  • Learn how to recover from undesireable communication flubs and unconfident moments (you'll turn these around so fast you'll be amazed at how easy it can be to go from direct rejection to total compliance!)

Listen to Sample Tracks from this CD-set!

CD 1 "Attitude is Everything
Track 6 "Generating Curiosity First"

CD 2 "World Class Tonality Skills"
Track 3 "EQ for World-Class Tonality"

CD 3 "Generating Curiosity First"
Track 2 "Tell 'Em What You're Gonna Tell 'Em?"

CD 4 "The Voice of Truth"
Track 8 "How to Tune Your Voice to the Voice of Truth" (Partial)

Here's a Summary of what you'll get:


In the First CD, We explore the results and discoveries of the Irresistible Voice workshop from 2001. You'll learn the best lessons and tricks those students acquired. You'll hear what electronic or digital equipment is most useful for helping to tune your vocal qualities.

You'll also hear about some of the most obvious vocal pitfalls people experience, and I'll deliver solutions to each of those pitfalls.


Improving the voice through small chunk techniques is one approach. However, if you change your emotional state, naturally, your voice will change too. Dramatically so. Thus, I decided that to give you a much higher-chunk way of developing and changing your voice as needed, I ought to spend some time training you on some emotional EQ, or, Emotional Intelligence.

This CD isn't an exhaustive tome on Emotional Intelligence, however - there are some great materials out there for such. This CD has evolved into a hands-on, pragmatic way of using your EQ to communicate more effectively with people, in personal and business situations.


This skillset arose in the Irresistible Voice workshop and I think it's SO important, I now also train this skill in my Linguistic Wizardry and Holographic Communication workshops.

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