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Choosing an NLP training provider? The 7 key questions…

Selecting the right NLP training course, and the right NLP training provider, can be ‘challenging’!

If you are considering taking part in an NLP Certification course you will know that is a serious investment of your time, your money and your expectations. It is also a very important choice since you are likely to only attend one NLP Practitioner course in your life!

We are biased!

Before you read further let’s first clarify something…

We are NLP training providers so how can we be unbiased? Well, we’re not unbiased – nor do we join in the ‘we are the best’ clamour.

Instead we have assembled 7 probing questions for you to consider and to seek answers to so that you make the right choice for you.

When you’ve got your short list of possible NLP training schools check if their online information offers clear and straightforward answers to these questions. And, if they don’t, call the organisation and speak to a real person! (If you’d like to speak with us call 01202 478 168 – our other contact details are here)

1. How long are the training programmes?

The original requirement for an NLP Practitioner Certification Programme was 18-20 days or 120 hours of attendance at a workshop and with a Certified NLP Trainer in attendance.

It is also possible to ‘do’ NLP in a much shorter time by attending an ‘accelerated‘ or ‘fast track’ training – and you can even stay at home and pay for an online course (or just buy a couple of books and watch a few free YouTube videos). We have an article her on how best to earn NLP.

2. How many other participants?

This is an important question if your outcome is to develop skill – because the skill requires personal interaction with and feedback from a Certified NLP Trainer. In some trainings you can be part of a group or audience of anywhere from 40 to 100’s. Usually such events get around the need for hands-on coaching and feedback by having ‘training assistants’.

However such assistants will frequently be previous participants (rather than Certified Trainers) who are coming back from free training in return for marshalling the crowd.

Here at Pegasus we occasionally have training assistants but these are at least Certified Master Practitioners or graduates of our NLP Trainer Training programme and, since our groups are usually around 10-16 you always have access to the course trainer. (See

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